Abair Leat App

Abair Leat is an Irish messaging application.

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App Icon Design, Logo Design, App Design, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Web Design, Social Media Design


Mícheal Ó Foighil of TG Lurgan






International project for the public good: Traveled to Co. Galway, Ireland with a team of designers and developers to design the world’s first Irish language mobile messaging application along with a promotional website, brand identity, and social media.


identity and icon design




app design


Being that Irish is considered a minority language and is not recognized by most mobile operating systems, and that Ireland has two official languages (English and Irish)  I designed both an English and Irish prototype. For presentation purposes, I chose to show only the English prototype here. Though being that the designs I made are what will be used to help receive funding for the development of this app, I chose to create both versions for our client. I also wanted to ensure that my design would be clearly communicated to whomever the future developers may be, no matter the language that they speak.














microsite and social media


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